Didn’t You Hear? All the World’s a Gossip

The past two weeks have been brutal for me, albeit in a very good way. I was officially hired full-time just before year’s end. But then my new boss, whose job I’ll hopefully make a lot easier, went away on vacation. And he had other more urgent tasks to deal with. We couldn’t get an engagement letter to my new employer’s board of directors until just now, Friday afternoon, the 8th.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve had to tell some 50 people who’ve asked me “so how’s the job hunt goin’?” the truth that I landed something, but that I also couldn’t tell them what it was, because my own board of directors don’t even know yet. Man, this is brutal! Kind of fun, but brutal.

So now, a note is headed their way as I write this, and we intend to distribute an official press release on Monday, assuming all goes smoothly with the board.

Historically, I’ve been a bit of a gossip myself. I’ve always had a devil of a time keeping a secret, though I’ve been pretty good for the past few weeks, only letting family members and really close friends who have no connections to the media and marketing business know. But the other day, word leaked out to two people, who’ll remain nameless, and boy did I go into a panic.

They received a confidential document that was supposed to have had my name edited out of it. I jumped on the phone to call one of them, then emailed both of them to request they keep it hush. They complied, at least I assume so. I know them both well and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to hurt me or anything. But I wasn’t even supposed to be in contact with them yet. Hard to explain without divulging more, but the message here is, how remarkable it is when even a dumb little secret like this leaks out and how easily it can get around, especially in this age.

Did they quickly email several confidants to tell them about my hire before I got to them? Maybe, who knows? In the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter age, word can spread faster than lightening. I certainly hope not, but then again, I haven’t received any congrats from anyone since, so I guess the cat’s still in the bag. I just can’t wait till Monday when we let that cat out!


One Response

  1. Sonnyboy:

    Congrats, sort of. Of course, now that I know a litte bit of the story that you described here, I’m going to want full disclosure. Are you taking over the 10:00 pm slot from Leno?

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