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Tiger’s Mess Will Test the Media & the Public’s Short-Sightedness, Part 2 of 2

I came home last night from a trip to the Midwest for a job interview. As I walked through the world’s most easy to get in and out of airport (Westchester Airport in White Plains, N.Y.), I walked past a big billboard Accenture ad with Tiger Woods. Apparently Accenture’s massive recall of all images of golf’s most beloved playboy didn’t get through to that little suburban airport yet. Accenture pulled all its Tiger ads as of last Sunday, Dec. 13.

After posting a part 1 about how the Woods scandal will impact everyone’s short-sightedness, today I was going to address how it’ll impact Woods’ current and future sponsors. While I’m no expert on endorsements, I think it’s going to hurt Woods’ pocketbook for a long time to come. I know Nike’s standing by its man, which it should. But other past/current/future endorsements, such as Accenture, which may represent a larger chunk of change for Woods, may never come back.

My sense is, if it’s about sports, Woods will fare alright with future endorsements once the world gets used to him as a divorced playboy of the western world. But non-sports endorsements may be tougher for him to come by. Shaving isn’t usually about family matters, but sometimes shaving companies depict Dad shaving with his little boy smearing shaving cream on his face. So I wonder if Gillette will remain with Tiger or not. And will others of a similar nature shy away from him indefinitely?

Not too sure about that. What do you think? Post a reply; could be a fun interaction.