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Some Shameless Self-Promotion This Go-Round

I’m kind of embarrassed to do this, but because of my new position, it’s probably best I spread the word anyway I can. Below is a press release of my hire, which was made official this week:

American Catalog Mailers Association Adds Industry Vet Paul Miller
Washington, DC, Jan. 14, 2010—Hamilton Davison, president & executive director of the American Catalog Mailers Association, today announced the hiring of Paul Miller as vice president & deputy director of the trade organization that serves the needs of catalog mailers.

Miller’s role with the nearly-three-year-old group will run the gamut from relations and close contact with U.S. Postal Service, Postal Regulatory Commission and other key government officials, to membership development, to organizing and overseeing ACMA’s National Catalog Advocacy Forum, April 13-15, 2010, in Nashville.

“We’re excited to have someone with the kind of extensive background in the catalog business that Paul has,” Davison said. “We’ll look to Paul to help expand ACMA’s role in support of catalog retailers and to accelerate the build–up of this vital organization’s membership base.”

Miller most recently served as editor-in-chief of Catalog Success magazine (now called All About ROI). Prior to that, Miller served for 18 years as senior news editor with Catalog Age magazine (now Multichannel Merchant).

Joining ACMA “is a natural evolution in my career,” Miller said. “I’ve gotten so close to so many people in this field over the years; now’s my chance to make a more direct and immediate impact on their businesses. In less than three years, Hamilton and ACMA have already had a very positive influence on catalog mailers’ postal rates and other matters that help boost their bottom lines. I intend to help take ACMA to the next level. Getting there won’t merely be my goal; it’ll be my passion.”

Miller will work full-time out of his home office in Westchester County, N.Y., and can be reached anytime at 914-669-8391 or

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About the American Catalog Mailers Association:
ACMA is a Washington-based not-for-profit organization specifically created to advocate for the unique collective interests of catalog mailers in regulatory, public and administrative matters where the shared impact transcends individual company interests. ACMA participates in rulemaking and other proceedings of significance where a single collective voice increases influence and effectiveness. Membership is open to any party with significant interests in the catalog industry. More information can be found at

Hamilton Davison, 800-509-9514,
Paul Miller, 914-669-8391,